Health & Safety

MichaelAnn does not regulate her body temperature adequately.
Does NOT sweat adequately!
  • Watch for overheating!
  • She will get fussy, her face and body will get red.
  • She needs to get cooled off.  Bring her in if she is outside.  She also has a mister with cool water that you would mist her off with.  (Remember to bring the mister with you when going out.)
  • If she is unresponsive, get her cooled off as soon as possible.
  • Take her to the emergency room or call an ambulance if she does not become responsive in a couple of minutes.
ALLERGIES:  Penicillin, seasonal, cats
MichaelAnn may not cry if she hurts herself or doesn't feel well, she has a very high pain tolerance.
  • She does have a delayed cry.
One Type of Seizure:
  • Typically look like:  Blank stare.  She will usually do a slow rocking movement, with muscle stiffness and fall backward if no back support.  Can still have some movement (e.g. hand wringing, playing with beads) during seizure.  Usually takes a deep breath after and can also be excited or happy after the seizure.  Last 5 - 30 seconds.
  • What to do:  Make sure she will not hit something if she is falling backward.  Can talk to her an let her know it will be okay. Document in her seizure log.
  • These can occur daily and many times in a day.
Another Type of Seizure:
  • Similar to above seizure but a bit more "severe".  Her arms usually go up.  She can have more muscle stiffness, it last a little longer and her lips may turn blue.  She is not excited or happy after the seizure.
  • She may be tired after this seizure and need to rest.
MichaelAnn has had other seizures in the past (Complex Partial, Status, Myoclonic) but it has been more than a year since any of these occurred.
Let parents know as soon as possible if you think that she is having any other type of seizure other than the above.
Skin Sensitivity
  • MichaelAnn has very fair skin.  She use to get a lot of rashes and/or red bumps due to her fair skin.  Her doctor usually checks these to make sure it isn't a virus.  Inform parents of any new rashes.
  • Needs to wear sunscreen due to fair skin and the medications she's taking.
  • MichaelAnn gets a lot of bruises on her knees & legs from crawling over her beads.  Be sure to monitor these.
  • Needs to wear sunglasses over her glasses on sunny/bright days and when riding in vehicles on sunny/bright days.
    • MichaelAnn's glasses are transition but she needs the extra protection outside and transition glasses do not work in vehicles.
Repetitive Hand Movements and Hand Mouthing
  • MichaelAnn hand mouths and does "hand washing" activities most of the day when not playing with her beads.
  • She may get calluses or sores on her hands and/or knuckles from hand mouthing.  Let parents know if you see this.
  • MichaelAnn gets sick a lot because of the hand mouthing that she does.
  • Do frequent washing of her hands and cleaning of her toys/items.

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