Saturday, August 5, 2017

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On Facebook I AM...Jewelry by MichaelAnn

I AM...Jewelry by MichaelAnn

Been Awhile

I has been awhile since we posted anything on the blog.  Been busy with school and some really exciting stuff.  MichaelAnn started her jewelry business. She selected her business name with the help of her Facebook friends.  She selected the name I AM... 

She wants people to know she is more than her disability.  She is a designer, artist, funny and the list goes on.  When you purchase a piece of her jewelry she includes an adjective with the I AM... :)

Find her business page on Facebook I AM...Jewelry by MichaelAnn.

Friday, August 5, 2016

"Out and About with MichaelAnn" : Touring Philly - Day Four of Girls Week

Girls Week

Day 4 of Girls Week

Our second day in Philly we toured the city and learned a lot about the history. We visited the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The 2nd Bank of the United States, China Town and much more.
Morning Selfie
Philadelphia's History

Liberty Bell
Learning the Cup-and-Ball Game

Posing with Rocky

Sisterly love

China Town

Til Next Time Philly!

"Out and About with MichaelAnn" : King of Prussia - Day Three of Girls Week

Girls Week

Day 3 of Girls Week

When we first arrived in Philadelphia we headed straight to the mall. KING OF PRUSSIA! We then had gone into the Cheesecake Factory for Lunch! Mmmmm! Emily saw this really cute Waiter. She nicknamed him Bun Man ( because he had a bun in his hair) and would stare at him every time he'd walk past. 
After lunch we started our shopping journey! We had stop in many of our favorite stores; Claires, Lush, Garage, Forever 21, Pink, Urban Outfitters, etc. We shopped until we dropped! Literally! After 5 hours of shopping all you wanna do is sleep! 

Here we come KOP

"Out and About with MichaelAnn" : Dinosaur Hunting - Day Two of Girls Week

Girls Week

Day 2 of Girls Week

For our second day of girls week Mama, Emily, Sierra and I went dinosaur hunting.

We explored all of Harrisburg seeing all kinds of different Dinos!

Families who dinosaur hunt together, stay together

We Love Harrisburg Dinosaur

Mama wants a drink too!

My crazy Besties riding the "Horse Dino"

Emily: " Ewww " - Sierra " Oh Crap! " - Me " Why did I agree to this again?"

Flintstone Dino
Best Friends - Love you Emily

"Out and About with MichaelAnn" : Centralia - Day One of Girls Week

Girls Week 

Between Monday August 1st and Friday August 5th Emily, Sierra, Mama and I are going to have a Girl week! Where we do lots of fun things and travel to different places together! 


Day 1 of Girls Week! 

For our first day of girls week Mama, Emily, Sierra, Austin (Sierra's Boyfriend) and I all decided to take a trip to Centralia. The day started out rainy and gloomy, but that didn't stop us. We packed a picnic and went on our way. When we got there our first stop was Centrlia's famous Graffiti Highway. It was hard getting me though the main trail because it was very muddy, had water puddleds every where and not to mention very step. So we had looked around finding a back trail where I could go through to get to the Highway. Once we had finally made it to the trail, we had checked out the awesome graffiti and took cool photos! 

Group picture - On our way to Centralia

Looking for a Path

Through My Eyes 

Austin, Sierra, Me and Emily on Graffiti Highway

" Life is Beautiful "
Emily and I Exploring Graffiti Highway

Awesome Picture of Emily - Taken by Sierra

Cool Kids!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Class of 2016 Graduation

Cumberland Valley's Graduation 
Class of #2016

On June 4rd, 2016 I graduation of Cumberland Valley High School! Along with my Bestfriend Emily!

Preparation for Graduation!
To prep for Graduation Emily and I decided we would decorate our caps with the help of our friends Sierra and Miss. Courtney. 

After we finished decorating our Caps Emily and Sierra helped me glam out my wheelchair!!

Hello Graduation, Here I come! 

Me (Left) - Emily (Right)
Emily and I on graduation day!

Sierra(Left), Austin(Back Middle), Me(Front Middle), Emily(Right)

#Class of 2K16!

Sierra's #17 Birthday

On June 2nd 1999 My Bestfriend Sierra was BORN!!!!

So for her 17th Birthday Mama, Miss.Courtney, Emily, Austin (Sierra's Boyfriend), and I all decided to throw her a surprise party at Chilis! Emily decided she would get the whole restaurant to sing "Happy Birthday" to Sierra as she should up on her chair and announced it was her birthday telling everyone to sing! We had got her crazy cat lady card, balloons and flowers!! 
(becasue we love her) 

Happy 17th Birthday, Sierra! 

Rocky Horror Picture Show

On May 28th My friends and I threw a Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Night/Party!

Everyone dressed up.

We had audience partipation.

I had so much fun! Whose up for another movie night?