Important to Me

  • Bead necklaces.  Like the Mardi Gras beads, to play with.
  • Bead garlands.  Has a box of different colored Christmas tree beads she loves to play with.

  • Really enjoys country music.
  • iPad with her country music on it.
  • Other people singing (not mom) and/or playing musical instruments.
  • MP3 player w/headphones or her radio with country music.
  • Musical instruments or toys that can be activated by touch.
  • Musical instruments or toys that have a lot of texture to touch.

Food & Drink
  • Food in general!
  • Milk.  (MichaelAnn didn't enjoy white milk as much since getting off the Ketogenic diet in 10/2010 but seems to be enjoying it again).
  • Loves bananas!
  • Meals & snacks being on time.
  • Chocolate
  • Ice cream
  • Flavored water, non-carbonated

  • PAPA!  (aka: dad)
  • Sitting with Papa when he gets home from work and/or in the evening.

Being read to.  Age appropriate books.

Likes to be stimulated intellectually.

Not being rushed from one activity/task to the next.  Needs time to process between activities, especially new activities.

Not having the sun in her eyes.

Doesn't like wind in her face.

Going for a walk in her wheelchair.

Going outside.

Going for rides.


Blowing raspberries.

Having support staff that care about her and spend quality time with her doing things she likes (e.g. playing music, reading books).

Her personal space not being invaded when playing with her beads. May happen at other times as well.

Going to bed when tired, usually between 7:30 & 8:30 pm.

May take naps throughout the day or after school.

Having her head rubbed.

Having her shoulders and back massaged.

Likes to feel different types of textures (e.g. upholstery, corduroy, tables).

Doesn't like some (maybe most) loud noises, may put her fingers in her ears.  This doesn't always mean it's too loud or noisy.

Likes graphic shirts. Will always choose a shirt with something on it over a plain shirt.

Favorite color - Orange.

Prefers adults to peers.

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