Wish Goal - 100 Friends

MichaelAnn's Make A Wish Goal -
Make 100 new friends
 See Home page for story
MichaelAnn & Hank
Mackenzie (Macky), Emily E., MichaelAnn, Courtney, Harlie, Emily G.
at end of school year lunch

MichaelAnn, Emily G. & Macky
going to Gem Show
Emily E., Superman & MichaelAnn
at King of Prussia Mall

Some of MichaelAnn's
BFFs she made last year.

Madison, MichaelAnn, Mackenzie & Emily

New Friends

Here is MichaelAnn's list of new friends she is making.  Please ask her to take your picture if you met her and she didn't get your picture and information, sometimes there isn't time to get it when you first meet her at school.  The pictures also helps her to remember who everyone is and so her family & friends can talk to her about you.  Remember to keep up the contact with her, MichaelAnn loves it when you remember her and get to know more about her.  MichaelAnn also has Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and has a cell phone (she loves getting text!).  You can find links to the accounts on the right side of the page; you will need to get her cell phone number from her.  Thank you for helping MichaelAnn's dream of life long friends come true!  

#1 Kayla - Loves wolves!
#2 Catherine - Loves tennis
#3 Sabrina - Likes sports &
is in MichaelAnn's jewelry class.
#4 Megan (Meggie) - Loves animals
#5 Syntara - Loves music
#6 - Rachael - Loves art & horses
#7 Chloe - Likes art
#8 Kyle - Likes tea
#9 Emily - Likes burritos
#10 Kennedy - Loves Spiderman
#11 Kara - Loves country music
#12 Andrew - Loves soccer
#13 Jess - Loves music
#14 Gwen - Loves music
#15 & #16 Paige & Melanie - Love Alex & Ani bangles


Mama Woll said...

I LOVE that your mom does this for you. She's a terrific mother. I saw your story on PennLive in the article about you winning homecoming queen at CV. CONGRATULATIONS! What an honor! I wish the best for you in all you pursue, MichaelAnn. Looking at all your photos, I see that you have lots of support. That's wonderful! And Brad Paisley making a video for you?!?! I'm so jealous!

Unknown said...

This is so amazing
Michaelann you have a friend here in Collingdale PA
My name is Ashley and I love Anime

Unknown said...

This is so amazing
Michaelann you have a friend here in Collingdale PA
My name is Ashley and I love Anime

Unknown said...

Very proud to be a fan of Michaelann and hope that she will consider me a friend. Chase your dreams Michaelann!

Unknown said...

I <3 you, MichaelAnn!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Since you like music, and I'm a classical singer, I wanted to share this link to a recording of my singing: https://soundcloud.com/cherice-graham/cherice-graham-alleluia-mozart-5-31-15. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Michaelann wish you the best in everything you do your a true blessing to everyone and God you have a purpose in life just follow your dreams you have a friend in broken arrow OK love ya

Amanda Sansone said...

Congrats, MichaelAnn!! - Your friends Ayla & Amanda in O'Fallon, MO! We love animals! Especially our 2 chihuahuas! Do you have pets?

Arleen said...

Had the pleasure of meeting MichaelAnn,she such a sweet young lady,wishing you the best. Arleen☺

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