Monday, February 3, 2020

                                      Hello its post number two of family vacation.

so we finally mad it to Omaha Nebraska at 4 in the morning no wait we are in Iowa no wait Nebraska nope still Iowa lol. We had so much trouble finding a hotel in Nebraska , we kept getting lost and crossing between Nebraska and Iowa . At this point in our adventure patients we being tested for everyone and i couldn’t  help but find everything hilarious. We woke up and had breakfast with Harlie’s family in Omaha Nebraska , then set off to our final destination for a day or two CODY NEBRASKA for the big 4th of July picnic which was canceled due to weather . Didn’t get to many photos of our way there or while we where there sadly.We played pool and had dinner at the bunk house.
             On the way to Cody Nebraska there is nothing but hills ( called the sand hills) and long             Stretch of roads 
                                               And fields for miles everywhere you looked 

                                          Side of the road on our way to Cody Nebraska
A video of the thunder and lighting on our way to Cody Nebraska . The screaming you will hear in this is my friend moira because she is scared of thunder and lighting.  
                                                           Cody Nebraska county sign
                                                       Cody Nebraska high school

The restaurant we ate at.
                                                 This is me, momma, and one of her aunts. 
Moira and i.
                                                                     Me and Harlie 

We stayed in till the morning of the 5th and made it to Oshkosh Nebraska the evening of the 5th and stayed with my Aunt Cindy and got to visit with my family till July 9th. We went  boating and to taco town and got to drive gulf carts around but mostly visit with my family  

My food from taco town 

Me driving the gulf cart with momma 

Shenelle and Moira  driving the gulf cart

Me and Harlie’s  ride on the boat 

My apologies to keep those waiting for part two. I will try my hardest to keep you all updated.
There is a thirdpart to the Nebraska trip maybe more stay tuned 

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