Sunday, July 28, 2019

Hello Hello sorry its been so long! I just got back from  a big family vacation  with my foster sister and two of my best friends ( i have so many now lol). We started in Pennsylvania and saw the  building shaped like a ice cream sundae and coffee pot  and the worlds biggest quarter .

Sundae building 
                 In this picture is Shenelle then moira , Harlie then me in the left bottom corner
                                       This is the ice cream building signs its called the igloo
Coffee pot building it in this picture is 
Shenelle, Moira, me, momma then Harlie in the bottom corner  
Giant quarter 
momma in the bottom right then Shenelle , Harlie then on the bottom row is moira and me.
Then we drove though Ohio and made it to Indiana  we made 3 stops  albaneeses candy factory, Michael Jackson’s birth home, And the giant mushroom 

The gummy bear factory
                                                                                 Shenelle,moira, Me, Harlie 
Michael Jacksons birth home 
Momma , Harlie, Me, moira, Shenelle 
Gaint mushroom 
Moira top left then Shenelle bottom left, Me right then Harlie farther right
We are going to being posting in parts because there is a lot and i dont want you guys to Miss anything so stay tuned for part two tomorrow  

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