Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting Ready for School

MichaelAnn recently got her hair cut.  We thought we would try a really short style.  MichaelAnn seems to really enjoy it.  Jennifer, here in the picture, is one of MichaelAnn's support staff and she is also a licensed cosmetologist.  She is who cut MichaelAnn's hair, which MichaelAnn sat for, for over an hour.  She did an excellent job.  MichaelAnn allows Jennifer to style her hair every morning.  This entails gel, curling iron, about 20 minutes and lots of messing with the hair.  MichaelAnn just sits still and watches in the mirror as Jen fixes her hair. 


Charlotte said...

I love the story about MichaelAnn getting her hair styled. I too, love to sit and let the stylist work away. It is so relaxing!!

Charlotte said...

Enjoyed the updates to the blog!! Hi, MichaelAnn!!!

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