Monday, February 3, 2020

                                      Hello its post number two of family vacation.

so we finally mad it to Omaha Nebraska at 4 in the morning no wait we are in Iowa no wait Nebraska nope still Iowa lol. We had so much trouble finding a hotel in Nebraska , we kept getting lost and crossing between Nebraska and Iowa . At this point in our adventure patients we being tested for everyone and i couldn’t  help but find everything hilarious. We woke up and had breakfast with Harlie’s family in Omaha Nebraska , then set off to our final destination for a day or two CODY NEBRASKA for the big 4th of July picnic which was canceled due to weather . Didn’t get to many photos of our way there or while we where there sadly.We played pool and had dinner at the bunk house.
             On the way to Cody Nebraska there is nothing but hills ( called the sand hills) and long             Stretch of roads 
                                               And fields for miles everywhere you looked 

                                          Side of the road on our way to Cody Nebraska
A video of the thunder and lighting on our way to Cody Nebraska . The screaming you will hear in this is my friend moira because she is scared of thunder and lighting.  
                                                           Cody Nebraska county sign
                                                       Cody Nebraska high school

The restaurant we ate at.
                                                 This is me, momma, and one of her aunts. 
Moira and i.
                                                                     Me and Harlie 

We stayed in till the morning of the 5th and made it to Oshkosh Nebraska the evening of the 5th and stayed with my Aunt Cindy and got to visit with my family till July 9th. We went  boating and to taco town and got to drive gulf carts around but mostly visit with my family  

My food from taco town 

Me driving the gulf cart with momma 

Shenelle and Moira  driving the gulf cart

Me and Harlie’s  ride on the boat 

My apologies to keep those waiting for part two. I will try my hardest to keep you all updated.
There is a thirdpart to the Nebraska trip maybe more stay tuned 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Hello Hello sorry its been so long! I just got back from  a big family vacation  with my foster sister and two of my best friends ( i have so many now lol). We started in Pennsylvania and saw the  building shaped like a ice cream sundae and coffee pot  and the worlds biggest quarter .

Sundae building 
                 In this picture is Shenelle then moira , Harlie then me in the left bottom corner
                                       This is the ice cream building signs its called the igloo
Coffee pot building it in this picture is 
Shenelle, Moira, me, momma then Harlie in the bottom corner  
Giant quarter 
momma in the bottom right then Shenelle , Harlie then on the bottom row is moira and me.
Then we drove though Ohio and made it to Indiana  we made 3 stops  albaneeses candy factory, Michael Jackson’s birth home, And the giant mushroom 

The gummy bear factory
                                                                                 Shenelle,moira, Me, Harlie 
Michael Jacksons birth home 
Momma , Harlie, Me, moira, Shenelle 
Gaint mushroom 
Moira top left then Shenelle bottom left, Me right then Harlie farther right
We are going to being posting in parts because there is a lot and i dont want you guys to Miss anything so stay tuned for part two tomorrow  

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Invisible Child

The Invisible Child

by Tracy Clark
originally published July 2004, Republished October 2009

Now you're probably wondering, what exactly is an invisible child?
Well it is a child who lives, breathes, eats, plays and seems to exist only in the eyes of one person, their mother.

I am reminded of this so poignantly on this day of my son's birthday party.  Family enters into my home, say their hello's to him, a random happy birthday, then proceed on to making themselves comfortable, through food and pleasantries of chitchat.  I watch with wounded heart, as my sister in law plays cars with my youngest son, my mother in law completely engrossed in my daughter's puzzle alone side her, and I watch a little boy in a wheelchair, sit quietly playing with his chosen toy.  I ask him what he has and he smiles so wide at me, I can tell he is just happy someone is speaking to him, though he does not comprehend my words, he goes back to his toy.

It is time for cake and song now, and my husband becomes suddenly dumbstruck as to why I want him to show our child the cake.  It is a character he is familiar with, he enjoys and smiles quite readily at, but my husband is a closet affectionate when it comes to our son.  Completely beside himself to talking to our child, as opposed to his usual prompting our son with the same questions over and over, because he doesn't know what to talk to our son about. And this is done only after I have browbeaten him on why he never talks to him in the first place.

You see I can carry on an entire conversation with my son, though he never utters a word in return.  But the look on his face tells me he hears me as he bats his long lashes at me, humoring me with a large grin.  I hear every word he cannot say, and both of us know that.

Cake is now served, and as I am cutting pieces, I'm asked the same dumb question I am asked at everyone of his parties, "Why didn't you make chocolate?" my answer simple, "He doesn't like it", to which the response in common is "So he doesn't understand that".  I fed him chocolate cake once and he spit it out, I fed it to him a second time with the same results.  Then on a spur I happened to make a strawberry flavored one, he took the spoonful, chewed it around, swallowed and proceeded to open his mouth wide wit that 'next bite please' look about his face.  Now is this not the same philosophy with a speaking child, feed once, child says yuck, feed twice, child says yuck, try something different, child says "more please" someone please tell where the difference lies, other than vocal clarification.

So I watch as my family members sit around in discussion of every and all things, and I watch this little boy beside me in quiet bliss. staring at his favorite hand.  Does no one see this child here?  Has everyone forgotten this is HIS day?  Again I speak to my son, tell him how big he is getting, seven whole years old, I make it a point to raise my voice over others, to try and drive my point in.  Deafness seems to have set upon all their ears.  My son is trapped in a body that does not work to others likings; he cannot talk, because they will not listen.  He dances to the beat of a drummer only he and I seem to be able to hear, he knows you are there, did you not understand his smile when you said hello?  No you did not see his smile, because you only think he does not understand.  

The party is done; I have fed him his cake, to which he has gleefully squawked through, covering myself, him and his toys, in a spatter of cake and frosting.  His presents have been opened through hurried remarks of ..."Just open it for him", while I was delighting in his wonderment as he touched the crinkly paper.  He was wonderful in his tracking of new toys and clothing as I showed him each piece, through exasperated breaths of family.  He gladly smiled upon an object he enjoyed, and heroically attempted to at least grab in the general direction of the toy.

Yet only I delight in these small yet precious moments of his greatest feats, to the rest he is invisible.  People gather their coats and belongings; trinkt presents are given out to our other two children of the house, and they are readily lavished with affection as they squeal with joy.  My sister in law, says goodbye to my son with a pat on his arm; my mother in law at least kisses his cheek, but turns away before she can see his expression of happiness, and in the blink of an eye, the day is done.

As I scurry about the house chatting him up about his day and his gifts, he yawns and leans wearily to one side of his wheelchair.  I can see the weariness take over his tender face, and I cannot help but think, is he weary from the day?  For only I know the true work and effort he has put forth on this special day of his.  Or perhaps he is weary in spirit, to know he has tried so wholeheartedly to express to others, that which I already know.  Only he knows for sure, and he will forever be privy to those thoughts, which resound within the depths of his mind.

I can speak for myself when I say, I understand the mind of an invisible child, I take the pain, because I understand it, I take the heartache, because I live it.  But I also take him, as his is, an invisible child to all but me.  To me he is the greatest treasure still yet to be discovered.  

So who in the end is more handicapped?

The invisible child?
The person who makes the child invisible? 

Friday, August 25, 2017

My Last Year of High School

This was the first week of my last year of high school. Not sure if I'm happy or sad. I have a busy school year and I am taking the following classes besides my special education program:
PE & Cooking
Music Appreciation/Rock & Roll History
Journaling & Media Exploration
I've already had a bit of homework but am excited about it. I will be doing another blog for my Journaling class. 😀

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Find My Business on Facebook

On Facebook I AM...Jewelry by MichaelAnn

I AM...Jewelry by MichaelAnn

Been Awhile

I has been awhile since we posted anything on the blog.  Been busy with school and some really exciting stuff.  MichaelAnn started her jewelry business. She selected her business name with the help of her Facebook friends.  She selected the name I AM... 

She wants people to know she is more than her disability.  She is a designer, artist, funny and the list goes on.  When you purchase a piece of her jewelry she includes an adjective with the I AM... :)

Find her business page on Facebook I AM...Jewelry by MichaelAnn.

Friday, August 5, 2016

"Out and About with MichaelAnn" : Touring Philly - Day Four of Girls Week

Girls Week

Day 4 of Girls Week

Our second day in Philly we toured the city and learned a lot about the history. We visited the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The 2nd Bank of the United States, China Town and much more.
Morning Selfie
Philadelphia's History

Liberty Bell
Learning the Cup-and-Ball Game

Posing with Rocky

Sisterly love

China Town

Til Next Time Philly!

"Out and About with MichaelAnn" : King of Prussia - Day Three of Girls Week

Girls Week

Day 3 of Girls Week

When we first arrived in Philadelphia we headed straight to the mall. KING OF PRUSSIA! We then had gone into the Cheesecake Factory for Lunch! Mmmmm! Emily saw this really cute Waiter. She nicknamed him Bun Man ( because he had a bun in his hair) and would stare at him every time he'd walk past. 
After lunch we started our shopping journey! We had stop in many of our favorite stores; Claires, Lush, Garage, Forever 21, Pink, Urban Outfitters, etc. We shopped until we dropped! Literally! After 5 hours of shopping all you wanna do is sleep! 

Here we come KOP

"Out and About with MichaelAnn" : Dinosaur Hunting - Day Two of Girls Week

Girls Week

Day 2 of Girls Week

For our second day of girls week Mama, Emily, Sierra and I went dinosaur hunting.

We explored all of Harrisburg seeing all kinds of different Dinos!

Families who dinosaur hunt together, stay together

We Love Harrisburg Dinosaur

Mama wants a drink too!

My crazy Besties riding the "Horse Dino"

Emily: " Ewww " - Sierra " Oh Crap! " - Me " Why did I agree to this again?"

Flintstone Dino
Best Friends - Love you Emily

"Out and About with MichaelAnn" : Centralia - Day One of Girls Week

Girls Week 

Between Monday August 1st and Friday August 5th Emily, Sierra, Mama and I are going to have a Girl week! Where we do lots of fun things and travel to different places together! 


Day 1 of Girls Week! 

For our first day of girls week Mama, Emily, Sierra, Austin (Sierra's Boyfriend) and I all decided to take a trip to Centralia. The day started out rainy and gloomy, but that didn't stop us. We packed a picnic and went on our way. When we got there our first stop was Centrlia's famous Graffiti Highway. It was hard getting me though the main trail because it was very muddy, had water puddleds every where and not to mention very step. So we had looked around finding a back trail where I could go through to get to the Highway. Once we had finally made it to the trail, we had checked out the awesome graffiti and took cool photos! 

Group picture - On our way to Centralia

Looking for a Path

Through My Eyes 

Austin, Sierra, Me and Emily on Graffiti Highway

" Life is Beautiful "
Emily and I Exploring Graffiti Highway

Awesome Picture of Emily - Taken by Sierra

Cool Kids!